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A case study of methods to minimize Research Bias

A case study of methods to minimize Research Bias
Muhammad Shahid Imran (Research Scholar, Mphil) University of Central Punjab
Dr Zakria Zakar, Professor University of the Punjab

Introduction The term bias in research is by no means straightforward in meaning. Usually it refers to systematic error or deviation from actual results due to different intervening and mediating variables mostly affecting the objectivity of research. It can also be conscious or unconscious impact of researcher’s personal likeness or failure to interpret results which may lead to erroneous conclusions. Researchers see bias as big obstacle in achieving credibility and accuracy in research. As influence of personal or ideological beliefs on their methods to achieve a certain results can endanger principle of impartiality. (Research Integrity, Scientific Misconduct, 2014) While conducting an empirical social science research, a researcher may encounter bias at any of the many stages inv…