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When natural disasters hit Schools

Natural disasters are nearly impossible to avoid even in supposedly modernized world today. Millions of people are affected by natural disasters every year, and the impact could be catastrophic. Floods, wind and storms, earthquakes, drought, volcanic eruption, and tsunamis cause 400 national disasters worldwide, an average of 74,000 deaths, affecting more than 230 million people every single year. The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) in a tweet, widely used social media site to disseminate information, said that about 175 school going people are affected by natural disasters each year. Most of them face disruption to schooling. So when natural disaster hits a country or region, children of that area count to the most affectees, suffering not only from psychological traumas, diseases but also school closures.

A tweet by United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef)on May 20 ahead of Moonsoon season in most flood affected regions. Natural disasters are not equally devastating for …